Who I See

I work with adults who feel deeply and want help managing a world that feels like it's set up for someone else.

I specialize in treating anxiety, trauma, and attachment issues using EMDR, Somatic Experiencing®, and other modalities.
Stress management and connection

The Help You Need

Design circles connecting therapy
In session, I'll create space for you to feel seen and understood while working on the issues that matter most.

I’m here to help. Together we’ll find solutions that will make the world feel more manageable for you and get you closer to the life you want to be leading.

Getting Back on Track

Whether it's your first time in therapy or you're looking to start again, I can help you to:
  • Feel more regulated emotionally
  • Learn to put yourself first
  • Identify and protect your own self-worth
  • Maintain healthy relationships without losing yourself
  • Feel more energized and engaged
  • Learn to manage triggers caused by past events
Thriving life

Providing virtual therapy in Colorado and Michigan

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