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Online somatic therapy for a more balanced, connected life

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I help people who feel anxious, stressed, and who struggle with over-thinking and boundary setting to get back to feeling their best.

In session, I maintain a relaxed, nonjudgemental environment that supports healing and growth. We'll work together to uncover the "why" behind difficult feelings and actions, work through past traumas, and find ways to help you feel more regulated and connected.

Hi, I'm Allison Stewart, LMSW

A personalized approach, designed to meet your needs.

Connected anxiety therapt
I help people set boundaries, rediscover their value, process traumatic events, and regain a sense of control in their day to day lives.

Finding a way forward,

In session, I'll help you to:
Find the foot cause

Feel more regulated

Get help to identify root causes and reconnecting with your emotions.
Taking care of self

Prioritize your needs

Set boundaries and maintain relationships without losing yourself.
work through anxiety and stress

Manage emotions

Understand root causes and work toward feeling better day to day.

Providing virtual therapy in Colorado and Michigan

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